Ticketmaster is raking in the dough! Buy my tickets and we both save. LOL


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Dec 7, 2014
I did some investigating and Ticketmaster is making 27% off every sale (10% fee to the seller and a 17% fee to the buyer)

Let's say the seller wants to get $300 per ticket. The ticket will list for $333.33 but the end user will pay $390. Cha-Ching for Ticketmaster.

This said, I need to sell the following tickets here, so we can both save the 27%!! LOL. I bought 4 thinking I had family/friends wanting to go, and it's just not happening this year.

Y8, row 41. Only 2 seats between these and the aisle steps

**These are priced slightly below Ticketmaster's suggested price & without their fees**

My tickets & price
4 ea. Ball State - $45/ea.
4 ea. Akron - $60/ea.
2 ea. Florida - $350/ea.
2 ea. Alabama - $295/ea.
4 ea. UT-Martin - $45/ea.
4 ea. Kentucky - $130/ea.
4 ea. Missouri - $120/ea.

10% off if you want them all (or 2 season tickets)
$1,880 for 2 season tix
$720 for 2 season tix mini-packs (minus AL & FL)
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